Nordic Logistic Center

NLC Terminal in Umeå — part of the strategic combined terminal network

The construction of Umeå´s new goods station, NLC Terminal, is in progress and will be complete when freight trains start running on the Bothnia Line in the autumn of 2010. NLC Terminal will be a part of the strategic combined terminal network.

In the picture, NLC Terminal´s location is displayed in relation to NLCPark in North-Western Umeå. To the left, Västerslätt industrial and logistics site is partly displayed.

NLC contact:

Bertil Hammarstedt
Cell phone +46 70 675 68 60
Nordic Logistic Center i Umeå AB  |  Umestan Företagspark, SE-903 47 Umeå, Sweden  |  Phone: +46(0)90-71 80 00  |  E-mail